Medical Marijuana

Are you living with a medical condition that stands to be improved with the use of medical marijuana? Turn to the Clinic at 721 to find the relief you deserve. Our clinic offers certification for the use of medical marijuana. A patient screening in St. Petersburg, FL, is what you need to secure your treatment from a dispensary.

Medical Marijuana Types

Low THC Cannabis: Patients with cancer or a condition that causes chronic seizures or muscle spasms may qualify to receive low-THC cannabis. Low-THC cannabis has very low amounts of the psychoactive ingredient THC and does not usually produce the “high” commonly associated with cannabis.

Medical Cannabis: If a patient is suffering from a condition determined to be terminal by two physicians, he or she may qualify for medical cannabis. This product can contain significant levels of the psychoactive ingredient THC and may produce the “high” commonly associated with cannabis.


It’s important to know that medical marijuana prescriptions are illegal in the state of Florida. Only physicians can certify that they have screened each patient before recommending to the state that those patients qualify for medical marijuana use. The ultimate decision to grant marijuana certification is up to the state of Florida.

Applicants must pay a $75 legal cannabis application fee from the state to determine their eligibility. The state of Florida requires that each eligible patient be recertified every 7 months (210 days) to continue the use of medical marijuana. Below, you’ll find some other essential requirements.

  1. Patients must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Patients be Florida residents and able to furnish a valid form of identity as proof of residency. If you don’t have a Florida ID, an out-of-state ID or passport is acceptable, along with proof of residency – i.e. power bills, water bills, bank statements, or pay stubs.
  3. Patients must have valid proof (medical records) of their qualifying conditions from a physician as verification. Patients must be able to prove that they tried other forms of pain management without success in order to qualify.
  4. Once our physician determines whether a patient qualifies, the patient will be directed to the Florida Department of Health to enter their information.


Contact us today to schedule your medical marijuana patient screening. We serve residents of St. Petersburg, Florida, and surrounding communities.